Korsman Conservancy is a Voluntary Association, member of the GCSA, registration number GCSA066. At Korsman Conservancy, we respect your privacy and take it very seriously. In this document we describe how we collect, use, disclose and store your personal information.

We will take all reasonable measures, in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013 (“POPIA”) and any other relevant legislation, to protect your personal information (as defined in POPIA) and to keep it confidential.

Personal Information

1 Scope of personal information collected
Korsman Conservancy only collects data voluntarily submitted via the contact form and membership applications or updates to it voluntarily supplied by members. This information is used to send news to our members and to send other communications such as AGM notices.

2 Examples of the type of data we collect
    • Type of data: Name, address, email address and cell phone number
    • Purpose: Used for sending member's communication of news and AGM notices.
    • Consent: All data is voluntarily provided by the member or volunteer. Members on the Whatsapp groups have been added on their request only. No information is collected from the website.
    • Sensitive data:
        ◦ You may only send us your own personal information if you are 18 years or over.
        ◦ You may only send us a child’s personal information for junior membership if you are regarded as a competent person under POPIA

3 Accuracy of data
    • We will do our best to keep your personal information that we collect accurate, complete and up to date
    • Only the membership officer and the committee members have access to the Dropbox folder for the latest names and email addresses.
    • This information is only updated at the request of members or volunteers from information which they provide.

4 Sharing, storing and protection of data
    • Data sharing: Data is not shared with any third party.
    • Data security
        ◦ Data is kept by the Committee and the Membership officer.
        ◦ Committee members are all Information Officers and understand their responsibility to keep data safe.
        ◦ The Information Officers will be given regular refresher training in their responsibilities to keep data safe  as per the Korsman Conservancy Compliance Manual For The Implementation Of The Protection Of Personal Information Act Of 2013.
        ◦ New committee members will be briefed on the legislation and instructed to read the manual.
        ◦ Protection Of Personal Information compliance will be monitored and enforced by all committee members.
    • Data storage
        ◦ Data is stored electronic form .It is  backed up using cloud storage in a password secured shared private Dropbox folder.
        ◦ We only store your personal information for as long as you are a Korsman member or volunteer
        ◦ Members details are retained for up to four years after membership is terminated, unless members request otherwise. Thereafter the information is deleted from the records.
    • Data breach
        ◦ If we have reasonable grounds to believe that an unauthorised third party has accessed your personal information, and if required by the law, we will notify you of the breach.
    • Data request handling
        ◦ All committee members may respond to queries about how we collect, store and use private information
    • Disaster recovery
        ◦ The password protected Dropbox folder has backups to previous versions for disaster recovery.

5 Acceptance and changes
    • Acceptance: When joining the conservancy members sign to show their acceptance of this policy
    • Changes: We may change this policy at any time and will notify you of the changes on our website.

6 Complaints
    • Complaints may be addressed to any Committee member.


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Korsman Conservancy Privacy Policy