About Korsman Conservancy

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To create an indigenous park environment for recreational and educational purposes focusing on children, walkers, riders, families, whilst restoring, protecting and enhancing the natural beauty of the Korsman Bird Sanctuary and surrounding area.


To preserve in perpetuity the natural environment of the Korsman Bird Sanctuary for the benefit of its creatures and plants and to enhance the surrounding area for the delight of future generations of humankind.


Objective 1: Restore, manage and maintain the natural beauty of the Sanctuary according to sound conservation principles as outlined in a Management Plan approved by the Gauteng Conservancy and Stewardship Association and the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM).

Objective 2: Cultivate interest and participation by property owners within the Conservancy in the preservation and transformation of the Conservancy to create an indigenous  environment that promotes birdlife, wildlife  and recreation focussing on children, walkers, joggers, cyclists and families whilst protecting and enhancing the natural beauty of the Sanctuary.

Objective 3: Assist with the planned upgrade of the Conservancy by encouraging EMM to invest in line with the stated objectives, by involving property owners in the Conservancy in the upkeep and control of the Conservancy and by coordinating the inputs from other interest groups to provide a unified voice.

Objective 4: Establish a sustainable solution for the long term upkeep and control of the Conservancy thereby ensuring that EMM’s investment is protected and standards are maintained over the long term.

Objective 5: Promote environmental conservation and environmental education amongst children, residents in the area and visitors using the facilities available for education, promotion and fund raising purposes.

Objective 6: Raise funds for achieving its Objectives and fulfil its Mission.

Objective 7: Assist government and Local Community agencies to improve general security in the area in order to provide a safe environment where visitors to the area and residents are free to enjoy the facility. 
Korsman Conservancy is located in Westdene, Benoni, and completely encircled by The Drive.

Co-ordinates: 26°11’ 36” S and 28°17’36” E

Korsman Conservancy is approximately 12km by road from O.R. Tambo International Airport.

The pan is formed by a depression in the land and has no natural outlet.

Type: Urban

Number of members: 56

Number of properties and/or households: Approx. 200

Area of Conservancy: 100 Ha

Area of Pan: 49 Ha

Established: 2010



Korsman Conservancy is a member of the Gauteng Conservancy and Stewardship Association (GCSA),
under the umbrella of the National Association of Conservancies and Stewardship of South Africa (NACSSA)

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