The Grassland biome is second in richness of flora only to the Cape floral kingdom, but only 2% is conserved.

The vegetation type is Highveld Mesic Grassland.
51  species of grasses are positively identified, of which 46 are indigenous. Some of the species are:

  • Aristida junciformis subsp junciformis
  • Brachiaria serrata
  • Cynodon dactylon
  • Eragrostis gummiflua
  • Eragrostis curvula
  • Eragrostis plana
  • Echinochloa jubata
  • Helictotrichon turgidulum
  • Hemarthria altissima
  • Hyparrhenia hirta
  • Hyparrhenia tamba
  • Imperata cylindrica
  • Leersia hexandra
  • Melinis nerviglumis
  • Melinis repens
  • Panicum repens
  • Panicum maximum
  • Setaria nigrirostris
  • Setaria sphacelata var sericea
  • Setaria sphacelata var sphacelata
  • Setaria verticillata
  • Themeda triandra
  • Tristachia leucothrix

Exotic and invasive grasses are present, including the most invasive kikuyu. The encroaching Phragmites Australis reeds are also a grass.

Sedges and Rushes:
  • Bulbostylis burchelli
  • Bulbostylis humilis
  • Bulbostylis hispidula subsp pyriformis
  • Carex glomerabilis
  • Cyperus congestus
  • Cyperus difformis
  • Cyperus eragrostis
  • Cyperus esculentus
  • Cyperus fastigiatus
  • Cyperus laevigatus
  • Cyperus longus var. tenuiflorus
  • Cyperus marginatus
  • Cyperus rupestris
  • Cyperus squarrosus
  • Cyperus textilus
  • Eleocharis dregeana
  • Fimbristylis complanata
  • Fuirena pubescens
  • Isolepis costata
  • Isolepis setacea
  • Kyllinga erecta var erecta
  • Kyllinga pulchella
  • Schoenoplectus corymbosus
  • Scirpoides burkei

  • Juncus dregeanus
  • Juncus effusus
  • Juncus exsertus
  • Juncus oxycarpus
  • Typha capensis

Some sedges are 'emergent' - growing in water. Others  grow in damp conditions near water, and some prefer  drier situations.
Sedges are also on the Wetland Plants page
Cottonwool grass
Setaria flower being visited by a flower midge
Echinochloa jubata grass grows in marshy places 
Scirpoides burkei sedge in grassland, visited by a Dotted Blue butterfly Tarucus sybaris
Leersia hexandra or Rice grass flower in close-up

Grassland sedge Eleocharis dregeana

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