The Grassland biome is second in richness of flora only to the Cape floral kingdom, but only 2% is conserved.

The vegetation type of the area falls into Soweto Highveld Grassland (Mucina & Rutherford 2006).
The grasses are progressively being identified and over 35 indigenous species are known. A limited list:

  • Aristida junciformis subsp junciformis
  • Brachiaria serrata
  • Cynodon dactylon
  • Eragrostis gummiflua
  • Eragrostis curvula
  • Eragrostis plana
  • Echinochloa jubata
  • Helictotrichon turgidulum
  • Hemarthria altissima
  • Hyparrhenia hirta
  • Hyparrhenia tamba
  • Imperata cylindrica
  • Leersia hexandra
  • Melinis nerviglumis
  • Melinis repens
  • Panicum repens
  • Panicum maximum
  • Setaria sphacelata var sericea
  • Setaria sphacelata var sphacelata
  • Setaria verticillata
  • Themeda triandra
  • Tristachia leucothrix

Several exotic grasses are now present, including invasive kikuyu. The encroaching Phragmites Australis reeds are also a grass.

Rushes: Juncus effusus and Typha capensis (Bulrush). Bulrushes have encroached on the grasslands due to the long-term high water level.

Sedges: Sixteen distinct sedges have been observed and are progressively being identified. Possible species:

Eleocharis dregeana
Isolepis costata
Carex glomerabilis
Cyperus marginatus
Cyperus congestus
Cyperus esculentus (yellow nutsedge, can be invasive)
Cyperus fastigiatus
Cyperus rupestris (rocky areas)
Scirpoides burkei (grassland sedge)
Schoenoplectus corymbosus (emergent)
Kyllinga alata
Bulbostylis hispidula subsp. pyriformis

Some sedges are 'emergent' - growing in water. Others  grow in damp conditions near water, and some prefer  drier situations.
Sedges are also on the Wetland Plants page
Cottonwool grass
Setaria flower being visited by a flower midge
Echinochloa jubata grass grows in marshy places 
Scirpoides burkei sedge in grassland, visited by a Dotted Blue butterfly Tarucus sybaris
Leersia hexandra or Rice grass flower in close-up

Grassland sedge Eleocharis dregeana

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